Friday, November 27, 2015

My #BlackFriday Adventure

9:00 PM: I'm camped out at Walmart and will be tweeting my adventures through the night.
10:00 PM: Temperature falling. The rain is cold & steady. Hole in the roof of my tent isn't too big, letting a nice breeze come through.
11:00 PM: Gust of wind ripped bigger hole in tent. Temp now 33°. Would go in and buy a repair kit, but doors are locked. .
Midnight: Tent collapsed. I thought they only had monsoons in warm weather.
1:00 AM: Spent an hour in line at the porta-potties. Now I can take that experience off my bucket list.
2:00 AM: Temperature 26°. Can't feel my fingers or my toes... which is good because the rest of me is f*cking freezing. .
3:00 AM: Store management is passing out coffee. I didn't take any. I never want to see those porta-potties again. Temp 23.
4:00 AM: The puddle I'm standing in is starting to ice over.
5:00 AM: If I was home in a warm bed right now I'd be missing all the fun. And the cold. And the rain. And those little brats behind me.
6:00 AM: Finally! Doors are open. Two women ahead of me had a big fight over who gets the last electric scooter.
6:15 AM: Made it to TV dept. 55 inch flat screen for $199 already sold out—Got a 32 inch for the same price. Can't go home empty handed.
6:30 AM: Found a great deal on paint—Nothing to do with Christmas but I can't pass this up. Wish I needed paint. Never hurts to stock up
6:45 AM: My cart is loaded and I'm headed for checkout. Line looks to be about an hour long.
7:30 AM: Uh-oh... credit card rejected.  They really get nasty if you don't pay your bill.
7:45 AM: Had enough cash to pay for a pack of gum and that tent repair kit. 
8:00 AM: Damn that was fun. Can't wait till next year.
8:30 AM: Now back at the Prevuze Compound celebrating with a little turkey... Wild Turkey, that is.


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