Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fifty Shades Of Icky

Aiden slept like a baby. Hope has the mentality of one. #DAYS
Paige swears she'll find out who JJ hooked up with.  Better hurry. The February sweeps period is almost half over.  #DAYS
Brady and Melanie's relationship continues to strengthen so when it falls apart it will appear that much more heart-wrenching.
Daniel asks Eric if he and Serena are OK. Translation: "Are you banging her yet?" #DAYS
Eve's theme music is the moaning woman.  Aidope's is the ticking clock.  JJ's is the clown horn.#DAYS
Yeah, Serena, the elephant looks the same as when you talked to it five minutes ago. #DAYS
Melanie's been at work for a week and has already earned enough leave to "blow off work today." #DAYS
JJ, even rooming with Rory would be preferable to a morning Jennigail grilling. #DAYS
OFPS, Serena's had a key to Eric's apt and could've made the switch any time he's gone?? This is too dumb, even for DOOL. #DAYS
Eve and JJ: Fifty Shades of Icky. #DAYS


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