Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Double Mistletoe Scene

Jordan tells Rafe they've said everything that's to be said. But, by God, we're going to hear it again.  #DAYS
OMG! The double-mistletoe scene.  The most brilliant plot point since Caroline took out the garbage at the pub. #DAYS
Jordan thinks Kate butted in where she had no business.  Isn't that why they call it butting in? #DAYS
The good news: Rafe is the sharpest knife in the drawer. The bad news: It's the butter knife drawer. #DAYS
Sonny: "I have missed you so much." Notice he said that to Arianna, not Will. #DAYS
Victor tells Kate being honest is good for the soul. Good advice if Kate had a soul... or was ever honest. #DAYS
No surprise Victor sees right through Rafe. That's kind of like being able to see right through the vacuum of space. #DAYS


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