Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Use The Barf Bag

I have a better idea on how to save the gala: get rid of Hope and Aiden and hire a couple of competent people to plan it. #DAYS
If you're watching Jennifer & Daniel on an airplane, use the barf bag in the seat pouch in front of you. Otherwise try to hold it in. #DAYS
Daniel says there's a part of him that wants to be with Jennifer. And given that it's Jennifer, even that part is ambivalent. #DAYS
What Hope and Aiden did to Mr. Howell... would that be more of a bribe or blackmail?  There is a fine line. #DAYS
Daniel curls up in his window in a fetal position. I know that's the kind of surgeon I want cutting into me. #DAYS


Blogger Linda Easley said...

Only part of this episode worth watching was revenge minded Sami.
Nicole still blaming everyone for her lies.
Hope/aiden have more time to plan for a gala than they do working at their actual jobs

1:44 PM  

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