Friday, April 25, 2014

Contemplating His Sins

Either Nick, Daniel and Ben are all sporting a five-o'clock shadows or they're starting growing beards for the Salem centennial.  #DAYS
Nicole, Liam has you trapped in a busy public building. I know screaming doesn't become you, but this would be a good time for it. #DAYS
Oh, so Anne was an actor.  Until, that is, she joined the cast of #DOOL. #DAYS
EJ stands at the window contemplating his sins.  Well, not all of them or it would have been a much longer scene. #DAYS
Abby gives Ben the eye.  Ben must be older than I thought. #DAYS
Sonny thinks Nick will hurt Gabi—Ben thinks Rafe will hurt Jordan—Rafe thinks Ben will hurt Jordan.  The circle of life — Salem style. #DAYS


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