Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wrestling With Kristin

EJ asks Sami where the children are.  It's the right question to ask, but he asked the wrong person. #DAYS
Sonny calls Gabi a selfish bitch. Gabi protests, but only about being called selfish. #DAYS
Bishop White says he needs to hear from Eric what happened.  I'd say the video is kind of self-explanatory.
Caroline: "The pub is empty. That's not a good sign." It is if you've ever been the victim of her chowdah. #DAYS
Father Matt says many priests wrestle with celibacy. Bishop White thinks it looks more like Eric was wrestling with Kristin. #DAYS
EJ moves in and backs away. He almost turned the tables on Sami's "cutting it off" strategy. #DAYS


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