Thursday, October 10, 2013

Another Homicidal Maniac

Marge goes to the darkside.  Just what #DOOL needs... yet another wild-eyed, drooling, wackadoodle homicidal maniac. #DAYS
Cameron seems to have a medical condition himself. BusyBodyItis. #DAYS
Cameron announces his joint is already making a profit.  Outrageous prices and watered-down drinks always help. #DAYS
Marge: before you kill yourself and Sami, you might want to recall Joe was cheating on you. #DAYS
Sami says the DiMeras make the Manson Family look like the Waltons.  And Father Matt makes Pa Walton look like... Father Matt. #DAYS
Sami says Marlena's support means the world to her.  It probably should since she's gotten so little of it over the years. #DAYS


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