Friday, September 06, 2013

Good Rebound

Jennifer, JJ's a lost cause. Just hope they send him away for 10 years. By then you and Daniel may decide if you want to be together. #DOOL
Abby wants to know why Theresa isn't at work.  Let's see... "none of your business" comes to mind. #DAYS
Kristin suggests she and Brady exchange vows while they're skydiving.  Without parachutes, I hope. #DAYS
As the great surgeon Daniel bolts for the cop shop, Nurse Snodgrass wonders who's going to finish Mr. Smith's open heart surgery. #DAYS
Theresa's jeans look like she sat down in hot tar. #DAYS
Jennifer lectures and lectures and lectures. JJ: "Twenty years in solitary would be better than this." #DAYS
Jennifer thinks she's been a blind idiot. That's not true.  She wasn't blind. #DAYS
Jennifer: "JJ's father is dead." Lee — about Daniel: "Oh, GOOD rebound." LOL! #DAYS


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