Thursday, March 14, 2013

Worry, Will, Worry

Sami: "I'm glad you answered the phone." Will: "I wasn't thinking clearly." Good one, Will. #DAYS
Sami tells Will not to worry, because she's got everything handled. Worry, Will, worry. #DAYS
John wads up the paper with Kristin's picture. Yeah, that'll teach her... if you're into voodoo. #DAYS
Sami spews fire because EJ didn't tell her about Stefano returning. Easy come, easy go, Ejamis. #DAYS
Kate says Rafe is either the bravest guy ever or a complete fool. So, you already know what I would say about that. #DAYS
Holy cow. If any more people move into the mansion, they'll have to rename it the DiMera Hilton... or the Quantico Marine barracks. #DAYS


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