Monday, December 17, 2012

Hey, Edith, Bring Me A Beer!

The only one minding their own business at Hope, Rafe, Sami and Gabi's table is the cockroach crawling across the tablecloth. #DAYS
When Nick said they had to tell the truth, if you thought he was going to say Will is the father, you flunk #DOOL 101. #DAYS
Jen has Abs waiting on her. Yells for her to bring tea and toast. It's the #DOOL equivalent of, "HEY, EDITH, BRING ME A BEER!" #DAYS
Sonny says Gabi keeps dragging Will into her baby drama. Actually, Will dragged the baby drama into Gabi. #DAYS
Sami wants to focus on the wedding. What would she focus on if she knew she's about to become Sami the Granny? #DAYS
Sami says she found Rafe by following the steam coming out of his ears. Now there must be nothing in there. #DAYS


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