Friday, October 12, 2012

A Neurotic, Lying, Vodka Swilling Tramp

If one of them had to fall, why couldn't it be Jennifer? Maybe she would have broken her holier-than-thou-spot. #DAYS
Rafe's not happy with the less-than-fancy coffee shop. Sami knows how to press his buttons. Tell him eating there means they can get home quicker so he can press her buttons. #DAYS
Rafe's on the road to perdition.  In Sami's world, only Sami can lie.  #DAYS
Daniel tells Nicole to hang onto him. I don't think she'll have a problem with that. #DAYS
John says from now on it's smooth sailing for him and Marlena. Translation: Rough seas ahead. #DAYS
The benefits of having original cast members – great flashbacks to the past that don't need to be faked. #DAYS
Jennifer: "If I don't do something I'm going to go crazy." Lady, you hit crazy a week ago.  You are WAY past crazy. #DAYS
John: "Here's to nothing but smooth sailing for us." Jolena need to batten down the hatches. Hurricane Kristen's on the way. #DAYS
Vic: "Nicole is a neurotic, lying, vodka swilling tramp."  Dang, I wish Victor wouldn't pull his punches like that. #DAYS


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