Tuesday, September 11, 2012

America's Sodom And Gomorrah

Jennifer wonders how Abby could still be a virgin. I think that speaks for the mindset in Salem, a.k.a America's Sodom & Gomorrah. #DAYS
Maggie insists Melanie wasn't supposed to meet Nick this way. Of course she was. This is #DOOL. #DAYS
Clueless Sami, who has been around the block more than the Google Maps van, doesn't seem to get what EJ is after. #ItAintLunch #DAYS
Jennifer: the only mother ever to be found bawling because her daughter is a virgin. #DAYS
Nicole stands in the bushes and listens to Daniel and Jennifer. How Shakespeaian. Somehow the Bard pulled it off better. #DAYS
Nick searches the newspaper for jobs. How '80s. #DAYS


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