Monday, January 30, 2023

Have You Ever Seen Him Naked?

Jack to Gwen: "Why are you trying to cover up Xander's crimes." Xander's crimes are the only thing he's covering up in this episode. #DAYS

Jack: "I've lost track of everything I've forgiven you for." I'll say one thing about Salem. Forgiveness is a big thing. If it weren't for forgiveness, no one there would be talking to anyone else. #DAYS

Next on #DOOL — Jack: "After everything he's done, why are you still defending Xander Cook?" Gwen: "Have you ever seen him naked?" #DAYS

Friday, January 27, 2023

In Flagrante Delicto

Sloan goes off the deep end about Eric and Nicole. What happened to the Sloan that gave Eric the big lecture about not wanting a relationship? #DAYS

Allie has a hissy-fit over Chanel and Johnny Hugging and accuses them of wanting to have sex.  At least that would keep the relationship with Chanel in the family. #DAYS

Sloan isn't fond of the pub's chowdah – thinks it's "too heavy." Maybe it would be lighter if they took the clams out of the shell before serving it. #DAYS

Scenes we'd like to see: Nicole waits to get sick until she and EJ are in flagrante delicto. #DAYS

Chanel and Allie argue. Time for Dr. Alex to show up for a house call. #DAYS

Next on #DOOL — Roman: "Why are you suing Chanel for wrongful death?" Sloan: "Did you ever hear of anyone suing for rightful death?"

Next on #DOOL — Nicole: "Thank you for being a gentleman." EJ: "My pleasure… or I guess I should say 'my lack of pleasure.'" #DAYS

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Alex' Glistening Buff Body

Allie admires Alex' glistening buff body… Along with thousands of other straight female viewers. #DAYS

Nicole calls Sloan a pathetic slut. If there was a time the words "it takes one to call one" ever applied this would be it. #DAYS

Gabi: "I don't think I broke anything." Except for Stefan's skull. #DAYS

The Eric-Sloan-Nicole scene was unique. It's not every day you see a defrocked priest's two lovers duke it out in front of him. #DAYS

Stefan to Gabi: "I don't want to be with you and I never will." Better start printing the wedding invitations. #DAYS

Allie: "I'm upset just like Chanel but you don't see me making out with the person in front of me." Alex: "No, but being the person in front of you, I'd volunteer for that." #DAYS

Next on #DOOL — Belle: "I could beat you with my hands tied behind my back." Sloan: "You might beat me when my hands are tied behind my back but that's not what Eric does." #DAYS

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Some Really Nice Buns

Next on #DOOL — Alex: "Those are some really nice buns you've got there." Allie: "Thank you. I always appreciate it when people compliment my baking skills." Alex: "I wasn't talking about baking." #DAYS

Johnny: "I apologize for everything I said about your mother." Tripp: "I might believe that if you hadn't started everything you said with 'Yo mama." #DAYS

Allie: "To almost kiss someone means there is attraction." Or biology. #DAYS

Nicole: "I just heard about your mother's death. I'm so sorry. How are you coping with it?" Eric: "I'm banging Sloan like there's no tomorrow." #DAYS

Next on #DOOL — Eric: "You let me sleep in." Sloan: "I let you do a whole lot more than that." #DAYS

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Fire And Brimstone

Alex tries to phone Stephanie. No answer. Maybe her new boyfriend turned her phone off. Boyfriends do that sometimes, you know. #DAYS

Abe: "I'm sorry for your loss." Allie: "I appreciate that. I was really into Chanel." #DAYS

This is the first time Marlena is qualified to wear white in a really long time. #DAYS

Sorry Alex. It's ironic that the penalty for screwing up is not getting screwed. #DAYS

Eric's formula for mourning Marlena's death: get drunk and get laid. #DAYS

Next on #DOOL — Marlena: "Are you saying you're really dead?" Susan: "Yes, the car exploded and I went up in a fireball." Marlena: "At least that must've saved on cremation expenses." #DAYS

Next on #DOOL — Susan: "I'm here to help your transition to the other side." Marlena: "What other side?" Susan: "The one with fire and brimstone." #DAYS

Monday, January 23, 2023

St. Felix

Johnny: "Putting those slides of my grandparents together really got to me." Just compiling the pictures of their half dozen or so weddings must have exhausted him. #DAYS

Marlena Evans is dead. May St. Felix, the patron saint of nine lives, go to work on her and bring her back… again. #DAYS

Funeral director to John: "It's an odd request to want to have Marlena buried laying on top of a conference table." #DAYS

Next on #DOOL — Eric prays: "Dear Lord, I'm asking for a miracle." God: "And I'm asking for a priest who can keep his job." #DAYS

Next on #DOOL — Sarah: "Why did you take Marlena to the roof?" John: "It's closer to heaven… makes for a shorter trip after she dies." #DAYS

Friday, January 20, 2023

Better Call Saul

Rafe is getting awfully chummy with Jada even though she's still got Eric's fingerprints all over her. #DAYS

The show opens with EJ playing with himself… Chess, that is. #DAYS

Are Johnny and Chanel going to get back together? Maybe Allie traded Chanel to Johnny for an LGBTQ to be named later. #DAYS

If EJ doesn't represent her, Kristin threatens to tell Stefan what EJ did. EJ spills the beans to Stefan, leaving Kristin without any leverage. Kristen better call Saul. #DAYS

It's probably not good for Marlena to be on the freezing roof in the middle of January but after she dies she'll be joining Kate and Kayla on Melaswen where the average temperature is 75°. #DAYS

Next on #DOOL — Rachael: "Am I in trouble?" Brady: "No, but your mommy really has her ass in a sling." #DAYS

Next on #DOOL — Rachel: "You see m mad. I don't want you to come in and talk to me when you're mad." Brady: "I won't be mad when I talk to you. I'll calm right down right after I give you a spanking. Then we'll talk." #DAYS

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