Friday, April 16, 2021


Trask to Rafe: "The difference between you and me is I want criminals to
go to jail." The difference between Rafe and Trask is that Rafe is one
of those criminals who doesn't want to go to jail. #DAYS

Claire to Jan: "It's none of my business but Ciara hates me again." In
Salem, "it's none of your business" is always followed by the word
"but." #DAYS

Thursday, April 15, 2021

A Lug

Ciara wakes up as Ben attempts to inject her. Well, that'll certainly improve the situation for Ben. You just knew that wasn't going to work out well from the git-go. #DAYS

I don't get Ciara not believing Ben. He's only a wild-eyed serial killer hyperventilating and coming at her with a sharp implement that might contain any kind of lethal concoction. #DAYS

Whatever Ben is taking to keep him from being a serial killer, he might want to double the dose today. #DAYS

Brady: "You're calling me a lug? I don't even know what a lug is." It's a numskull talking to his former lover about his current lover vs. his prospective lover who is also his former lover. #DAYS

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Sami's Deal With The Devil

Press conference is over. And now back to your regular programmi… uh series of endless commercials. #DAYS

Chloe's tactic in dealing with Brady, "the love of your life is a scumball, so we need to be together," may have a few flaws.

Chloe to Brady: "Tell me you don't feel anything when I touch you." I'm sure he feels something but it's not undying love. #DAYS

Sami's deal with the devil may not work out in her favor. The thing with Kristen & Brady will work itself out in time, one way or the other. But Kristen can hold Sami's secret over her head as long as Sami is with EJ – maybe even for the rest of her life. #DAYS

Monday, April 12, 2021

The Morning After

Next on #DOOL - Sami: "I'm never again going to confess to a murder I didn't commit." Which implies she'll confess to the ones she does commit? #DAYS

Nice work, Lucas. You counseled, comforted, and sympathized Sami right into bed. #DAYS

Don't worry, Trip. In 43 states two territories and the District of Columbia, if Rafe names you as a suspect that's automatic cause for exoneration. #DAYS

The joy of the night before for Xander and Chanell as well as Lucas and Sami fades into the reality of the proverbial morning after. #DAYS

Things aren't going well for Kristen. It's time for her to come clean and tell Brady, then hope he doesn't make her go back to prison. #DAYS

So apparently Xander's "morning after" is going a bit worse than Lucas' "morning after." #DAYS

Saturday, April 10, 2021




Thursday, April 08, 2021

A Happy Coincidence

Abby knows what she did was wrong. Allie knows what she did was wrong.
Gwen knows what she did was wrong. Regrets – Those things you don't have
to live with if you think things through before you do something stupid.
Not the way people roll in Salem. #DAYS

Jack wants to force Gwen and Abby to "shake on it," just like the prize
fighters have to do right before they try to beat the crap out of each
other. #DAYS

Jack says he doesn't believe Gwen puked on Abby on purpose. She didn't –
it was just a happy coincidence. #DAYS

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Sugar Daddy

Claire to Theo: "Do you still have feelings for Ciara?" Translation: "Do you still have feelings for me?" #DAYS

Chanel must've looked up "Theo" in the Urban Dictionary and found out it means "Sugar Daddy." #DAYS

Chanell is Lani's cousin. Theo is Lani's brother. Related or not… "Vice is nice but incest is best." #DAYS

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